Lawrence A. Weinreich

lawrence weinreich 1972183Title: Attorney At Law

Company: Lawrence A. Weinreich P.C.

Location: Garden City, N.Y.

Lawrence A. Weinreich is a highly regarded attorney with 30 years of industry experience. Mr. Weinreich jokes his career was chosen for him when his parents gave him the initials L.A.W. But in truth his interest in family law developed due to his teaching background and a law school internship in family court. Mr. Weinreich draws on his extensive experience and industry knowledge to successfully operate his own firm, Lawrence A. Weinreich P.C. The firm offers clients legal services in the areas of family law, divorce, business law and real estate law. Mr. Weinreich, who is a certified guardian ad litem and approved appellate attorney for children, spends his days managing his law firm, mentoring new attorneys, responding to motions, and submitting briefs. Outside of his work, Mr. Weinreich contributes to the Nassau County Museum of Art, as well as Project Violence, an organization devoted to assisting those with pediatric brain cancer. Previously, he taught at the Paralegal Institute of America.

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Lawrence A. Weinreich

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