Toni Ellington

Toni Ellington 1691149Title: Partner

Company: Taggart Morton LLC

Location: New Orleans, LA

Toni Ellington is a partner at Taggart Morton LLC, a law firm that provides clients with full-service representation in all areas of litigation, environmental matters, and labor and employment matters on a local, regional and national basis before all courts and administrative agencies. Ms. Ellington joined Taggart Morton LLC in 2013 and quickly established a reputation for her knowledge and experience in environmental and toxic tort litigation. Ms. Ellington has worked in the oil and gas, and chemical manufacturing fields, serving as in-house counsel for numerous companies where she handled class action litigation, labor and employment litigation, and intellectual property administration issues. Her litigation and mass tort defense experience assists her in handling all duties related to administrative and regulatory environmental matters. Ms. Ellington also oversees all phases of litigation and general business litigation. Licensed to practice law in the states of Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and Hawaii, Ms. Ellington shares her knowledge of the industry through publishing articles and teaching at the university level. She attributes her success to her maturity and focus. In the coming years, Ms. Ellington intends to continue to develop her professional network and expand her client base. She is also working to write and publish more articles in the field of education policy and school reform.

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