Mitchel H. Ashley

Ashley, Mitchel 1893562Title: Attorney

Company: The Ashley Law Firm

Location: New York, NY

 New York, New York, September 17, 2015, Mitchel H. Ashley, Attorney of The Ashley Law Firm, has been recognized by Elite American Lawyers, for dedication, achievement and leadership in a variety of legal disciplines.

Mr. Ashley has 20 years of experience in his field, with six years as an attorney in his own practice. Throughout his career, he has gained experience in a number of legal areas, including medical malpractice, toxic torts, and personal injury. Each day, he represents his clients in order to get them compensation and justice. He also handles difficult cases from inception through trial after being called in by other members of the bar.

Mr. Ashley is also the owner, founder and managing director of Wedded Work. He practices personal injury law in New York and has worked with his wife for many years. Seeing a need for couples who work together to obtain the advice they need to build and sustain productive partnerships, and maybe just a place to vent their frustrations, he launched Wedded Work. Wedded Work provides a special space for couples who work together, whether for their own business or within another company. The information can also prove valuable for partners, siblings, parents and children, and other family units working together.

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Ashley, Mitchel 1893562

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