Lori L. Klockau

Title: Attorney

Company: Bray & Klockau, P.L.C.

Location: Iowa City, IA

Iowa City, IA, July 20, 2015, Lori L. Klockau, Attorney at Bray & Klockau, P.L.C., has been recognized by Elite American Lawyers for dedication, achievement and leadership in family law.

Ms. Klockau always had an interest in law while growing up. She enjoyed debating, and was selected in high school to meet the president in Washington, D.C. This provided a strong foundation for her to choose law as a career. Ms. Klockau has been a practicing attorney for more than two decades who focuses on family law, adoption law, and assisted reproduction law.

In her role, she provides legal services and consultation in the areas of family and adoption law, focusing in adoption, divorce, domestic issues of unmarried and same-sex couples. Ms. Klockau also handles surrogate and gestational carrier cases and contracts and is credited with handling the very first same sex adoption in Iowa 16 years ago. She attributes her success to being involved with the many associations and using them to stay current on all new cutting edge laws. Moving forward, Ms. Klockau intends to experience continued growth and success with the firm as a recognized leader in their legal areas of expertise.

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Lori L. Klockau

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