Jeffrey Simon

Jeffrey Simon 1880586Title: Attorney, Founder, Shareholder

Company: Simon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett P.C.

Location: Dallas, TX

Jeffrey B. Simon is a well-established attorney with 22 years of experience. He founded his own firm nearly a decade ago, and provides clients with legal services in the areas of mesothelioma, toxic tort, pharmaceutical litigation, product liability, catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death, and commercial litigation. Mr. Simon is dedicated to and passionate about representing people who are seriously injured or killed from dangerous products. He also serves as a public advocate for the roles of trial lawyers. Listed as one of the Top Attorneys In Texas, Texas Super Lawyer, Best Lawyers in Dallas, and 100 Most Influential Trial Lawyers in America, Mr. Simon attributes his success to listening to his clients and to his desire to bring about justice for those who have been wronged. Moving forward, he wants to continue to actively and successfully promote the importance of preserving the right for trial. The firm has done a lot of good work on behalf of the seriously injured or dead from dangerous products.

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Jeffrey B. Simon

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