John Kezer

John Kezer 1159638Title: Shareholder of Legal Services Practice

Company: Jones & Keller, P.C.

Location: Denver, CO

Denver, CO, June 17, 2015, John Kezer, Shareholder of Legal Services Practice for Jones & Keller, P.C., has been recognized by Elite American Lawyers for dedication, achievement and leadership in insurance and health law.

With a passionate dedication to the practice of law, Mr. Kezer entered the legal industry nearly four decades ago. He is an experienced and well-respected litigator who has made a name for himself in the area of government regulation of insurers. Mr. Kezer spends his days providing transactional and litigation legal services and guidance to various industries and clientele with a practice emphasis in insurance and health law, and developing creative problem solving techniques and attempting to provide practical solutions to complex legal issues.

Mr. Kezer has achieved tremendous success over the course of his career. He believes one of the highlights was being appointed as the Colorado Insurance Commissioner. However, Mr. Kezer takes great pride in being able to help people solve their problems in his day-to-day practice of law; that has been and continues to be the most rewarding part of his career. Named a Super Lawyer, Mr. Kezer attributes his success to his faith, luck, hard work ethic, and exemplary level of ethical and integrity standards. Moving forward, Mr. Kezer plans for the continued commitment to creating preventive law and problem-solving based services in various industries.

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John Kezer

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