Martin E. Kohler

Martin Kohler 1847779Title: Partner, Attorney

Company: Kohler & Hart, SC

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Martin E. Kohler has been practicing law for 37 years and is recognized among colleagues and clients for his work in white collar crime, computer crime, arson and homicide cases. His firm, Kohler & Hart, SC, is a well-respected criminal defense law firm that handles a wide variety of federal and state criminal cases, trial court and appellate cases. Mr. Kohler works directly with clients that seek his help and ensures the success of the firm through managing the office. Throughout his career, he has represented hundreds of homicide defendants, and has a strong record of acquittals. Mr. Kohler has also worked on various high-profile cases that were covered by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post. He has appeared on national broadcast media, including MSNBC and Dateline, and is frequently sought out as a commentator and presenter for his extensive knowledge of criminal law. Mr. Kohler has achieved great success throughout his career and believes the highlight was being recognized by his peers as being a top criminal defense lawyer. Often times, the best and most rewarding work is done before a client is charged, and nobody knows about it.

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Martin E. Kohler

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