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Richard BusseTitle: 1) President 2) Attorney 3) Adjunct Professor

Company: 1) Dr. Vegetable Inc. 2) Richard P. Busse, Attorney at Law 3) Indiana University Northwest

Location: Valparaiso, IN

Valparaiso, Indiana | November 24, 2010 | Richard P. Busse, President, Attorney, and an Adjunct Professor, has been recognized by Elite American Lawyers for his dedication, achievements and leadership in all aspects of his profession.

An expert in small business management, bankruptcy, business law, employment discrimination and civil rights law, Mr. Busse is the President of Dr. Vegetable, Inc., an Adjunct Professor at Indiana University Northwest, and operates his own private law firm. Mr. Busse started Dr. Vegetable, Inc., a sole proprietorship that offers vegetable food stalls at fairs and events, in 1982, and over the last three years the business has tripled in size. As an attorney, Mr. Busse is committed to helping the ordinary person who has been wronged by a big business or government; the goal of his private practice is to enhance the life of individuals in the community. With each position he holds his greatest enjoyment is interacting with his various business associates, the exceptional clients he assists, and the dedicated students he strives to inspire.

As an instructor, Mr. Busse lecturers on history and philosophy at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, Indiana. He has also taught theology and ethics at the university level, publishes several magazine articles and editorials, and edited a variety of publications. As the President of Dr. Vegetable, Mr. Busse manages business operations including planning events and meeting clients; he travels to 32 festivals a year in eight states and cooks fried vegetable dishes. As an attorney with vast entrepreneurial expertise, Mr. Busses assists clients with small business establishments and facilitates others in forming, buying, selling, and/or expanding their own business.

With vast experience in various professions, Mr. Busse attributes his success to his open and honest nature, excellent listening skills, and his adept negotiation and counseling skills. No matter his position, Mr. Busse strives to solve peoples problem, always determined to provide the best option without bias. For all professionals, Mr. Busse advises to always be straight forward, never take advantage of the law.

A licensed attorney in the State of Indiana, the southern and north district of Indiana by the United States District Court, and the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Mr. Busse earned a Doctorate of Law (JD) from the School of Law at Valparaiso University in 1998. He has also earned a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.), a master’s degree in theology, and a master’s degree in theological studies from Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago in 1984, 1979, and 1975 respectively, and a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from Valparaiso University in 1972. For his hard work and dedication, Mr. Busse has received various honors including, Whitlock Award from Calumet Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana in 2001, Outstanding Program Award from Porter County Inns of Court in 1999-2000, Legal Ethics Award from Valparaiso University School of Law in 1998, Robert G. Risk Award from American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana in 1998, and a Chapter Service Award from the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana in 1994.

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Richard P. Busse was originally selected for inclusion in Elite American Lawyers in November, 2010.  We are proud to be featuring Mr. Busse again in Elite American Lawyers for 2011/2012.

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