Barry Harrison Hinden

Barry Harrison HindenTitle: Attorney, Partner

Company: Law Offices of Hinden & Breslavsky

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Barry Harrison Hinden is an attorney and partner at the Law Offices of Hinden & Breslavsky. In his role as partner, Mr. Hinden makes the most of his expertise in workers’ compensation, in his efforts to ensure quality at all times. He is responsible for managing and supervising the law firm, which consists of 18 attorneys and a staff of 90 employees specializing in workers’ compensation law. With nearly four decades of professional experience under his belt, Mr. Hinden attributes his success to his respect for people and workers’ rights. He earned his JD from Southwestern University, and he is currently president of the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association. He is also a member of The State Bar of California, and ABA.

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Barry Harrison Hinden

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